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Real Estate Photography

We are living in an era that people get information more from photos and videos than from words. According to, 92 percent of home buyers use internet as part of their home search. First impression is so important that if the listing photos fail to please a buyers' eyes in just a few seconds, chances are they will move on to the next one. I know it because I was a home buyer myself.

As a real estate photographer working with both home owners, realtor, and builders. I know that high quality listing photos are more than just taken with professional cameras. I create images that build emotional bond with home buyers. The way I do this is to focus on the details. Angles, lighting, colors, and even the textures are always on my checklist when I take each shot. I restore the maximum details and keep the lighting and color the way they are, not with any artificial lights. People want to see what the rooms look like in natural light and the existing ambient light. They won't live in flash light.  I want to let the buyers love what they see and make them imagine what their future life could be in this new home. I want you to sell the property and sell it fast!

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