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Family Photography

Some family portraits are good for hanging on the wall of your entry way or living room. Everyone stays close to each other, face the camera, and show your well-trained smiles. They look formal and give your home visitors a warm welcome.


Some family portraits are best for other corners of your home such as night stands or kitchen countertops, or an album you want to open from time to time. They are photos captured in the moment or showing your genuine smiles and laughs. They eternalize an unrepeatable moment of your real life.


My style for family portraits is a combination of the both, classic and lifestyle. Traditional posed family portraits are usually taken at the beginning of the session. Although the session is a short encounter, it is a fantastic experience for me to be with a family and capture the loves and fun they have for each other. I enjoy using my skills to create beautiful pictures for people, and to make them enjoy working with me!


Contact me today to learn more, or book your family photography session with me if you are ready!

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