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Dance Photography and Videography

As a dancer, you will find that professional photos and videos of your dance are essential things to have when you are:


  1. Entering the world of professional dance, or applying for admission to dance program in college. You will need a high-quality dancer portfolio that makes you stand out.

  2. Graduating from high school and you want your senior portrait photos to capture you as a dancer.

  3. Making an achievement in dance that you want to save it on photos or videos. It could be a dance or some dance moves you just learned, or a dance you choreograph by yourself.


Dancer Portrait Photography

Photography captures the fleeting moments and makes them eternal. A great photo can showcase your best dance skills and techniques and make them impressive. I have been taking portrait and headshot pictures using natural light for more than 10 years. Whether you need a commercial look or theatrical look in your dance photos, I am here to make it happen.


Dancer Videography (Storyboard-guided)

Dance is the beauty of motion. Therefore, high-quality video of your dancing is one of the most important things to include in your dancer portfolio. Comparing to watching or shooting your dance from a fixed position, using storyboard before filming and shooting with different lenses from different angles can create a video that makes the viewers more engaged in your dance. It makes your dance more vibrant, more cinematic, and more attractive.

LC Dance (2)
Lizbeth Dance 05
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Shilah Lawson (16)
Shilah Lawson (33)
Shilah Lawson (52)+
Calista Senior Pics 156
Meredith C (91)+
Meredith C (27)
Meredith C (117)
Emily (80)
Emily (10)+ BW
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