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Dance Photography

As the only professional photographer in Columbia-Lexington area who takes pictures of dancers outside of the studio and off the stage, what I want to capture are not your dance moves simply posed in front of another background.


What I pursue in dance photography is to mix the language of dance and the language of photography into one image. When watching dance pictures taken in studio with a solid color backdrop, people would only focus on the dancers’ body and their outfits. When watching dance photos taken in outdoor settings, people would see and think more. Their eyes keep moving between the dancer and the place where he/she dances, and their brains start to analyze the reason behind this combination, or try to find out the connection between the two. When they finally get it, the image has gone deep in their heart, and gives them the message that I try to deliver through my work, which, in most cases, cannot be described with verbal language. That’s how I get my biggest reward from taking pictures of dancers.

Each dancer has his/her own characteristics, so dance moves are designed and photographed accordingly. Not every ballerina can do perfect grand jete. Body flexibility is important, but it is not the sole criteria to judge a good or bad dancer. Emotions and storytelling are of equal importance when I see dancers in my camera. Before I start to take pictures, I would love to meet and talk with dancers to learn their strengths and weaknesses in what they do, and to make sure they can focus on what they do best in front of my camera.


No matter you are a beginner or experienced dancer, if you want to have some dance photos full of life or drama, not just a few standard poses in front of a backdrop, contact me today!

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