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Welcome to my website!


My name is Daniel Wang. I bought my first camera in 2007. It was my hobby at first but it quickly became my passion that I wanted to pursue for my lifetime. In 2012, I resigned from my previous company whereI had been working for 6 years, and started my own photography business. Two years later, my wife and I came to Lexington SC. She found a teaching job at an elementary school, and I brought all my photography gears to resume my business at a new place. 

The utmost accomplishment I pursue in photography comes from the pictures that capture people's soul. I cannot be more satisfied when people tell me my works bring out who they are, and their real emotions and smiles. While the classic posed shots are still needed in our life and they do take a part of my job, what I am more committed to is creating storytelling pictures with the non-traditional ways. I want people to enjoy and relax when working with me. This is the leading thought in every genre of my work: family photography, senior photography, dance photography, wedding photography, and other portrait photography. (Real estate photography is a different story. Please click here for more information.)

If you like my works, I want to thank you and encourage you to contact me. If you want to keep memories in a timeless way, let me visualize them with my skills.

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